About me

Born in 1975, I graduated as a land surveyor in 1994.


I can boast a long experience of 23 years in the field of planning at an engineering firm in Oristano. My skills range from civil and road design to land use planning, including Urban and Detailed Plans, and urban redevelopment. Over the years, I have deepened my knowledge of 2D and 3D design software and GIS.

In addition to my experience of the planning field, I have cultivated a passion for photography, working in the imaging field for a decade. During this time, I have developed significant skills in video shooting and editing, working in social events, civil and religious ceremonies, festivals, concerts, theatrical and cultural events, also offering services to companies.


Currently, my main occupation is in the IT field, with a special focus on the web and Artificial Intelligence. I develop websites on proprietary platforms or on WordPress CMS using different languages, such as PHP, Ajax, Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, CSS, HTML5, database data management.


I embarked on a course of study dedicated to these innovative tools. I focused my attention mainly on image generation using Stable Diffusion via the ComfyUI interface. The experience gained during this study path motivated me to share some of the results obtained on various social networks, receiving appreciation and acclaim for my technical and artistic experiments.

I developed for free for the community using ComfyUI two custom nodes:

These projects are available in my repository on GitHub.

In the blog section, you can find the latest news and insights related to the world of technology and artificial intelligence.

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